L.O.V.E. Yoga at Andre's | Andre Houle


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This is a poem by one of Andre’s students, Mary Catania:


Today I am the sun,

Naked palms reach high to the sky.

My yoga instructor says, “Find your bliss.”

Today I am a tree.

Fixed and firm.  I will not fall

Andre says “Choose to be extraordinary.”

Today I am a triangle,

Rigid and wrong.

Andre demands that I “Make the past the past.”

Today I am a dog.

Neck arched in the air smiling carelessly.

Andre wants to know, “Who are you living your life for?”

Today I am a child,

Legs curled and coiled, innocence weeping.

Andre asks me, “Who are you holding onto that you’ve already let go?”

Today I am a warrior,

Powerful thighs lunge forward, greedily grabbing for more depth.

Andre says, “Stop chasing the old and make room for the new.”

Today I am a corpse,

Still and unblinking.

Andre says, “To think is to create.”

Legs shake,

Fingers awake.

Blissful bodies bend,

Open hearts transcend.

Feet slide and glide

Toes grip and slip.

Undoing of the day

Let the fear and anger wash away.

Our Hearts race, our Breathe pants.

We sway and chant:

“Loka. Samasta. Sukino. Bhavantu.”

Mat to mat, we dance gracefully, each step sensual and soothing.

A beautiful orchestration, everyone moving in synchrony.

Our choreographer gives us a second chance

To Reinvent,


And Renew