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  • Our vision - Our Passion:

    Practice with Andre not just for fitness, but to make this your lifestyle: find balance, find peace, be remarkable. The discipline in practicing with others who share his passion, reminds us to be here in the moment; learning, laughing, loving, & living.You are here, & the time is now. Practice, play, empower & embrace.

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  • About

    Andre's unique brand of L.O.V.E. YOGA encompasses: L to live, love, learn, and laugh; O to open your heart and mind; V to value life, yourself, and those you encounter; E to embrace today and empower yourself with strength and balance.

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  • LIVE

    Unyolk from your daily stresses.

    Live for today as if there is no tomorrow.

    Be here, be present.

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  • LOVE

    Love is now, love is always.

    L.O.V.E. yoga at Andre's

    All you need is love. <3

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    Whether you try Hot Vinyasa or Hot Core Yoga, take the journey! You'll thank yourself.

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    Come for giggles, laughter and lightheartedness.

    Experience a class like no other.

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  • About Andre

    Andre is a passionate yoga teacher with 25 years of fitness experience. He teaches with a playful intelligence. Classes are powerful, authentic and exceptional. Yoga is a magical journey starting on the four corners of your mat, and lasting a lifetime in thought and feeling.

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Updated 8.8.17

All you need is l.o.v.e. yoga…  Practice, play, and for the l.o.v.e. with Andre

Andre’s unique brand of L.O.V.E. YOGA encompasses:

(L), to: live, learn, laugh and love
(O), to: open your heart and mind
(V), to: value life, yourself, and those you encounter
(E), to: embrace today, and empower yourself with strength

FIT:  Sat 10:30a,   CPY NP  Mon 7p, Sat 7:30 am;   CPY PL: Fri 5:30p, Sat 5:30p, Sun 10a;   CPY HC: Mon 3p,  Sun 6p (75 min);   CycleBar : Spinning:Wed 6;45 pm, Sun: 4:15 pm

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